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Welcome to Club Galaxy


After a year of construction, Club Galaxy will soon be celebrating its grand opening!!

The city has put a lot of money into creating a place to cater for everyone and their entertainment needs.



Plenty of guest parking to the east of the main entrance and lots of room out front for VIP drop off and pick up. A bouncer will be present at the door at all times to ensure the safety of Club Galaxy patrons.



As guests enter the main door they will notice that the entrance is quiet and dark with only a hint of music coming from the main dance floor, on their way to the main floor they can stop for a drink in the guest lounge. This is a great place to hangout and chat before hitting the dance floor.



Club Galaxy has a main dance floor where the music is loud and will make anyone want to get up and show off there moves. Staff will also have access to the DJ booth and have control of what music is playing.



Upstairs is staff and VIP access only, staff will be provided with keys to access this area. This area provides a space for staff to get ready when starting their shift and also provides a space for private entertainment 😏.

This area also comes with a security room where you can keep an eye on the building with CCTV, bathroom, lounge and seating area. Also a laundry for all your cleaning needs....



Club Galaxy will require dancers, bartenders, security, a manager and an owner to successfully run this establishment. Successful applicants will receive access to the Business HUB Discord, spreadsheets and support from the Mayor and Administration.

To apply for this business, please go to the Business Applications section to send through your proposal.

Please note that this is for V2 only!! - This would be a good opportunity for you to work out your character direction of RP for V2 and how you can tie it in to the business.


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