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Bail Bonds and Parole

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 Waiting to be represented? Still looking for a lawyer? Here are your options.


If you have not found yourself a lawyer to represent you in your case, you have some options with what you can do next when it comes to requesting a bail bond or if you are eligible to go on parole.


Now lets have a look at your options.

Bail Bonds

If your attempt at obtaining a lawyer while in custody is unsuccessful, police may offer you a "Bail Bond" of 7 days. This means you will have a maximum of 7 days to get yourself a lawyer and head down to present your case.

What is a bail bond and how does it work?

If you accept the bail bond offer from police, a fee is calculated from your charges that the officer will work out for you at the time of processing, the bail bond also comes with conditions. The conditions meaning you will also be on good behaviour during the 7 days or until you find a lawyer and present - whichever comes first.

*Good behaviour - meaning cannot break ANY laws.

If the 7 days are up and you were unsuccessful finding a lawyer, you will need to head down to APD and inform them of your lawyer situation to ensure you don't breach your bail bond contract.

If you have completed your end of the bail bond, you will be refunded your bail bond and the lawyer process continues.

If you fail to complete your end of the bond then you will have an arrest warrant against your name, if caught you will be charged the full amount of your original charges, lose your bail bond and be charged with failure to comply with bail bond agreement.



If you decide you do not want to go down the lawyer road and you want to negotiate your charges. Police may offer you parole if you are eligible, you may also ask that you would like to be put on parole and police will assess your eligibility.

What is parole and how does it work?

Parole is your second option and your best bargaining chip when it comes to being charged with a crime, if you own up to the crime and cop the charges police may offer you parole or you can ask for it. You must be eligible to receive parole. Parole means you can have your prison time and fines reduced under the condition of good behaviour. Police will calculate your total charges and offer you X amount charges including X amount of days on good behaviour.

*Good behaviour - meaning cannot break ANY laws.

Am I eligible for parole?

To be eligible for parole you must meet the following 3 criteria.

  1. Not have an extensive criminal history - for example, been caught robbing 3 banks and killed 6 officers.
  2. Not have a history of failed bail bond conditions.
  3. Not have a history of failed parole conditions

Once your parole time is finished, you must check in with APD and they will release you from parole. After you have done this you can continue your life as per normal. APD will not chase you up if you have not checked in to be released from parole, if you have not been released from parole and committed a crime after your time is up, it will still be treated as tho your are still on parole.


Breach of parole conditions means that you will be charged with the remainder of your original charges and also charged with failure to comply with parole conditions.


Keep in mind that you do not need a lawyer for parole and its up to the charging officer to deem whether you are eligible for parole. If you feel as tho you are being mistreated by the charging officer, you can always request for a higher ranking officer or cabinet.


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