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How to become officially recognised on AGN

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Organisations, Gangs and Crews
Interested in becoming officially recognised on AGN? Below you will find all the information on what you need to do to achieve that.

With all the new changes coming in V2, we wanted to have a way that you and your organisation, gang or crew can better use the tools provided to you in game and reward the people that want to do it properly. You will have your own set of guidelines that you need to follow if you do become official but you will also receive perks while doing so.


What you will receive from us

  • Ability to create a "club" page on the AGN forums for you and your members
  • Have your own territory in game (see map below)
  • You will get your own teamspeak channel and tags
  • Discord roles for you and your members (if you want them)
  • Unlocks different avenues of RP setup for officials only (unrecognised wont have access to this)
  • Claimable territory - Gives you opportunity to expand, details on how will come later on


What we need from you

  • Have at least 5 active members (must be active for at least 2 weeks)
  • Have your own discord setup for you and your members (V2 11.0 rules apply)
  • Have an outfit/uniform
  • Clearly laid out rules/bylaws and show that you can follow them
  • Show that you can follow all V2 11.0 rules


Currently there are a couple of groups that will receive these perks on day one of server launch, this will give you a better idea of what you might have access to in the future, if you can show AGN that you are here to stay as a group. We can then start moving forward with more perks for your group like custom clothes and a custom building for you and your members to call home within your territory.


This is the current inner city territory map for V2, the legend on the left will give you more info on the territories. If you do apply do become official you can change the territory zone you are applying for if it doesn't suit exactly what you need, you can also have territory out of the city if you like. Communicate with us so we can work this out with you. In some cases when the RP leads to it you can also contest territory of others and possibly take it over (permission by KiLLaa must be given with valid RP reason) you may also apply to expand/move or claim other territory (highlighted or not).


Please message KiLLaa on Discord to express your interest in starting up, please include as much info as possible.

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