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Step 1: After getting your job at the purple job icon near maze bank, head to the yellow truck icon on the west of the map near the yellow star and walk into the red circle to start your shift, then go to the red circle in front of the double doors to get out your work vehicle.

Step 2: When in your truck, press G to get your first location, once at the location, get out of your truck and walk to the yellow marker on the map (there is no circle) and press E to complete your job, when its completed you will receive your invoice.

Step 3: Return to your truck and press G to get your next location, you can repeat this multiple times until you can no longer carry anymore invoices.

Step 4: When you are ready to finish your shift head back to the depo and drive into the large red circle to store your truck, then go to the red circle in front of the roller door to cash in your invoices, return to the 1st red circle when you want to finish your shift.

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