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AGN City Laws

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City Laws 
Breaching the below laws may result in-game police action. Fines, jail time, etc.
Updated: 28/09/2019 - KiLLaa

Note: Lawbreaking is not a staff/admin issue. Call the police.

1.0 Fines vs Jail time.

1.1 Police may give fines in addition to jail time, Maximum jail time is 60 months - Maximum fines total $50,000, the officer decides if you are to receive both.
1.2 Police can send you before a judge for more serious offences, which may result in jail time.
1.3 Fines are direct debited out of your bank account, if you have no money, the bank will cover your fines until you pay the bank back.

2.0 Driving Laws.

2.1 Speed limits : City 60kph | Highway 110kph
2.2 Pedestrians : Give way whenever possible, when turning, etc. Pedestrians should not cause an unreasonable obstruction to traffic.
2.3 Red lights : Stop and wait for green. You may turn right on red without stopping, but give way.
2.4 Hit & Run: Stop and exchange details, ensure no injuries, call emergency services if required. Compensate the other driver if you caused the accident.
2.5 Do not break any road laws to pursue a fleeing driver. Call Police with vehicle description, location and direction of travel. 
2.6 Parking : Park legally in parking bays or against a curb (not a red curb). To prevent inattentive drivers from hitting you you may park with your right wheels off the roadway. Left hand tyres should remain on the roadway.
2.7 Fail to render aid : Emergency services appeal to all drivers to notify them of crashes involving injury.

3.0 Driving licences and seizure.

3.1 A drivers licence is required to operate a motor vehicle. Earn this at VicRoads after passing the test and paying the appropriate fee.
3.2 Police can seize your licence at the roadside if charged with a high range offence.
3.3 Driving unlicensed is a serious offence with a mandatory jail sentence.
3.4 Repeat offenders may be barred for holding a licence.
3.5 If you are involved in a pursuit that resulted in death, the police may revoke your drivers license.

4.0 Vehicle Crushing law.

Repeat high range traffic offenders can have their vehicles permanently crushed by the commissioner of police. 

5.0 Unroadworthy vehicles & impoundment.

5.1 A vehicle with no visible plate is an unregistered, recreational, off road, or track only vehicle. Show plates are roadworthy vehicles.
5.1a You may apply to police for a permit to drive said vehicles on road, or get an escort. (Not a prostitute)
5.2 "Unroadworthy" is defined as a vehicle with damage or modifications not complying with safety standards. Examples include damaged panels, broken lighting devices, and modifications including under body lighting, overly tinted windows, massively protruding exhausts, overly low suspension, etc. 
5.3 Driving unroadworthy within city limits or on highways may be an offence. Fines or impound are possible penalties. 
5.4 Minor defect notices : Directing repair in a timely manner.
5.5 Major defect notices : Must be driven directly to a place of repair or storage.
5.6 Vehicles judged to be in overly hazardous condition may be towed/impounded.
5.7 Vehicles suspected of being involved in a major crime may be impounded for forensic analysis. 
5.8 Vehicles obviously abandoned may be impounded, except legally parked vehicles.

6.0 Additional traffic Offences.

Distracted driving. Fleeing/Eluding. Grand Theft Auto. Illegal U-turn. Hit & Run. Reckless driving. Fail to maintain control. Running a red light or stop sign. & more.

7.0 Weapons laws.

7.1 A weapons permit is required to be in possession of a weapon, and is available on application over-the-counter at most gun stores. See 7.3
7.1a All weapons purchasable at licenced stores are considered "Illegal".
7.2 Police may seize this licence if conditions are breached, Police may also revoke a license if you have died in combat.
7.3 Weapons Permits are issued *only* for target shooting outside city limits or at a range, or hunting.
7.4 If you cause injury to someone it is a legal requirement to notify emergency services.

Example: Your car is stolen. You see it driving past later, and you open fire on them killing the driver. You may be charged with murder. Must be declared.

8.0 Reasonable cause, Search Warrants and Raids.

8.1 Police can not search a person, vehicle, or enter a business without "Reasonable cause", or being invited.
8.1a Example : An officer see's a vehicle leaving a suspected drug location. They pull over the vehicle. The driver complies, and his licence is in order. The officer may not search the driver or vehicle. However, if the vehicle had attempted to evade and eventually been stopped, or the driver was unlicenced, it may be searched.
8.2 "Reasonable Cause" search power applies when persons or vehicles are 
Suspected of involvement a major or violent crime, including evade police, discharging a weapon, etc. Any jailable offences : All prisoners are subject to a search before jailing. Vehicles are clearly abandoned.A suspect being pursued runs into a business or safe zone.
8.3 "Search warrants" are executed as follows. 
May only be granted by a ranking officer on duty. Must be founded on information such as public tipoffs, detective observations, or a pattern of identified behaviour. Patterns may include repeat offending, multiple reports of gang / business offending, etc.
8.3a Example: Police receive a tipoff that drug activity is occurring at a location. Detectives covertly observe activity. A vehicle is observed leaving the location and the ranking officer grants a search warrant for it.

8.4 : Police Raids: Police may enter a business if in pursuit of a suspect, or have a search warrant to do so.

8.5 : A police raid executing a search warrant is considered an immediate declaration on any and all individuals at that location. 

8.6 : Police may intervene with any citizen breaking the law, including an active shootout between 2 citizens, police do not need to declare to engage the shooters.

9.0 Gang related laws.

9.1 Known gang members are subject to detainment and search at any time within major city limits.
9.2 Association offence : It is an offence for 3 or more known gang members to congregate within city limits. Jailable offence. 

10.0 Aviation Law.

10.1 Airplanes should only takeoff and land at approved and marked airfields.

10.2 Helicopters may take off and land at any safe location, except In city / built up areas, they may only land at approved helipads.
Within CBD, they may not fly below 20m Altitude. May not land on any roadways.

10.3 In-flight emergency exemption : In event of an in-flight emergency pilots may breach any of this sections provisions. They should declare mayday if able, and after landing should not takeoff without notifying emergency services and/or mechanics for aircraft assessment.

10.2a Aircraft subject of an emergency landing may be seized on request of the CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for inspection.

10.3 Emergency Services Exemption : APD / AAS may breach any of this sections provisions in the course of their duties where reasonable, and *if* safe to do so.

10.4 Pilots are subject to random alcohol and drug testing, and identification checks. 

10.5 Prohibited items : It is a criminal offence to possess a weapon, prohibited good, or declared item on board an aircraft. All pilots and passengers of aircraft are subject to search at any time for weapons, dangerous and declared goods, quarantined goods, etc. Pilots are recommended to inform passengers of this provision during the pre flight safety brief and ensure customers declare and dispose of any such items before boarding.

10.6 It is ILLEGAL for anyone to wear any form of face coving while out in public in the city of Australis other then when on a motorbike, pushbike or scooter etc.


Other criminal offences.

Disorderly conduct / disturbing police. Obstruction of justic. Fail to obey move on order. Public intoxication. Domestic violence. Harassment. Hate crimes. Bribery. Fraud. Stalking. Threatening harm. Arson. Loitering. Conspiracy. Threatening emergency services. Assault. Manslaughter. Attempted murder. Murder. Murder of emergency services. Bank robbery. Weapons trafficking. Rioting. Terrorism. Drug possession, trafficking, dealing, etc. Brandishing a firearm. & more. 


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