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AGN Server Rules

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Server Rules
Breaching the below server rules may result in permanent bans.
Breaching laws (linked here) may result in-game police action. Fines, jail time, etc.

Updated: 30/09/2019 - KiLLaa

Note: For support or to report breaches, use #helpdesk on teamspeak/discord, or post in the support forum.
Note: Exploits. Found one? Don’t show it off. Report it to staff immediately.
Note: AGN strongly recommend members are screen recording at all times to prove or defend against allegations of rule breaching.


The Golden Rules
There is absolutely no “RolePlay” reason that allows a breach of the following server rules. 
A working microphone is *required* to play on this server 


You have 3 chances, dont waste them....

1: Verbal Warning

2: Kick from server

3: 24 Hour ban


Please keep in mind that depending on the severity of what you did to deserve one of those will depend on what punishment you are given, Do not expect to be given a verbal warning after you have just mowed down 5 people.

1.0 Respect for the Community

1.1 Be respectful. Don’t be a dick. Have fun, in game and if your streaming.
1.2 Don't repetitively troll an individual or an organization, in our out of character, in or out of game.
1.3 Do not use in-game chat to abuse, accuse, threaten, argue, or troll.
1.4 Try to keep sexual content, racism, profanity etc to a minimum. If asked to stop in ooc then stop, failure to do so will get you banned.
1.5 Your attitude can and will affect any staff decisions.
1.6 Do not directly inbox, poke, pm, or otherwise harass staff for technical assistance. Please use Helpdesk channels on TS Voice or Discord text channel. Our staff are volunteers and not on duty 24x7, sometimes they are just online to play and relax. 
1.7 When Role-playing sexual activities, Both parties must be in agreement and consent must be given.

2.0 In-Character Gaming

2.1 Failure to RP is strictly forbidden, stay in character at ALL times. When rules are broken, RP first, report later. Scream "FAIL RP" and you will be banned.
2.1a Roll with it. You won't always win. You won't always be revived. Try to add to a story, not just "win".
2.2 2 character limit. 3 characters if you are a Gold Subscriber, If first is Police, second may NOT be a major crime figure, you will be removed from PD. You cannot communicate information gained on character 1 and use is on character 2, For Example: You are collecting coke on character 1 then inform police of drug activity, switch to Police on character 2 and go join in on the raid. Your 2 characters must be keep 100% separate from each other.

*** Major crime figure is anyone that is a member of a admin recognized criminal organization or gang, so choose your RP carefully*** (Be your character)

2.2a Value your in-game life. Don't punch on with someone if they have a gun pointed at you, however, you can defend yourself if you get an opportunity to pull your own gun, but be realistic, pulling your gun out while a gun is pointed to you is not a value of life.
2.3 RP realistic driving, If you crash into a wall doing 100 kph, you CANNOT continue to drive, even if the car still works. Only off-road vehicles can be used off-road, Putting off-road tyres on your vehicle does NOT mean your vehicle is now and off-road vehicle.
2.4 Don't enter other people’s RP. Example: Don't run into a bank robbery with full police perimeter to use an ATM. No excuses. Don't engage in hostile RP without a valid RP reason.
2.5 Traffic stops by police are NOT classed as a declaration and you cannot shoot at police, it is only a declaration when the player engages in an active pursuit/ evade with police. 
2.5a Combat Logging: Don't log or use commands to avoid RP consequences, such as death, jail, robbery, hostage etc. Admins can see when your game crashes or you log out, You will be banned no questions asked.
2.6 Power Gaming: Is NOT allowed to gain advantage, example: creating something that isn't there like a bomb strapped to someones body, if its not in the game then it doesn't exist and cant be used in role-play. Use /me very carefully when using it in RP, Example: /me "eats cyanide pill" is power gaming. Using /me is in your head, other people cannot act off what someone is saying in /me, For Example: /me No pulse found, EMS decides if you have a pulse or not so roll with it.
2.7 Character Switching: There is a 30 minute cool-down after a situation before you can re-log and change characters, If you are in an RP situation and you drop connection you MUST come back as the same character to finish the RP, if you are caught re-logging to change characters mid RP, you will be banned, no excuses, this also includes using the in game plastic surgeon to change your characters appearance, this is only to be used when not in an RP situation. 
2.8 Pulling a gun from a vehicle must be done from a car that you own or stole, you cannot pull your weapon out of a randomly parked car.
2.9 You can only have 1 white-listed job per person not per character, for example you cannot be a Mechanic on character 1 and a cop or car dealer on character 2, the only exception is emergency services, you may be cop on character 1 and EMS on character 2.

***Communication*** If you want to use discord or teamspeak in game as a form of communication then you MUST have a VISIBLE earpiece or communication device (Police shoulder mic), remember that if you are in ear shot of another player then you MUST hot mic in game so other people can hear you.

3.0 Hostage / Robbery rules.

3.1 Minimum of 4 police required for "police/ems" hostage/execution, No police required for civilian kidnapping/execution. Bank Robberies and Jewelry stores MUST be negotiated however robbing 7/11 stores do not, Robbing the store is a DEC so be prepared to get breached or risk being shot if you are threatening towards police or civs. (you will be told in OOC if there isnt enough Police on)
3.2 When hostage, if captor takes phone do not "meta-game". Mute yourself on TS etc, don't use chat. If sneakily using radio/phone use your in game mic at the same time so your captor has a chance of overhearing you.
3.3 Hostage situation involves twitter or /anon talk and holding someone for ransom and does require police on be on duty, this is NOT the same as a kidnapping.

4.0 Emergency Services specific rules.

4.1 Police are capped to a maximum of 14 officers on duty.
4.2 Ambulance officers may not be armed. They are not police and are not to follow the police around and get involved with car chases and other situations, wait for police to call you in before heading near the situation. EMS make the call when it comes to reviving, Police are NOT to get involved or tell EMS about the status of a persons life, Police cannot tell EMS that a person may or may not be revived, it is 100% the EMS call.
4.3 Emergency services may postpone attending to a specific individual until a scene is cleared and safe.
4.4 Police are NOT to shoot out of a vehicle unless fired upon first, Tasers CANNOT be used to take out tyres.
4.5 Any hostile situation involving a shooting match between 2 groups are NOT to be revived (including Police) if clear evidence of a bullet to the head or multiple bullet wounds, body shots that can be seen in a non life threatening location can be revived. They may be sent to hospital to be treated for major trauma.
4.6 Police are NOT to go back to the hospital and wait for suspects to respawn so they can be arrested. If a police officer or civ dies in any situation they may not return to that situation after they wake up in hospital.
4.7 Number Plates: Example: 27XYZ123 = Legal, Show Plates: NISMO = Legal, No plate = Not legal, Police that see a vehicle with show plates can use car scanner or F6 menu to get a plate, Police that see a car with NO plate may use F6 to get details. Road bike with no plate are considered legal and police may use scanner to get plate details


5.0 Safe Zones

5.1 Police stations, Medic Stations, the Hospital and the Airport starting area are safe zones.
5.2 No hostile RP is permitted in a safe zone. Call Police if you have a crime to report or a suspect you followed there.
5.3 You may not "run to" a safe zone if engaged in hostile RP, with the exception of a Police Station.
5.4 Police may not enter (for Police duties) safe zones or businesses unless invited, have reasonable cause, or a search warrant etc. (Defined in laws).
5.5 In the event of a search warrant / raid, all safe zone rules above are suspended. A police raid is a declaration on everyone inside or in the immediate area .
5.6 Reasonable cause and search warrant usage/information can be found under the city laws post.


6.0 Deathmatching, RDM & VDM and Declaring

6.1 RDM : Not allowed. “Random Deathmatching” : Deliberately killing people without warning or valid RP reason, or inciting conflict purely to result in combat.
6.1a KOS : There is NO kill on site, Every situation must be declared with the exception of 7/11 robberies, robbing the store is auto dec, this does not mean you HAVE to shoot.
6.2 VDM : Not allowed.  “Vehicle Deathmatching" Using vehicles to KILL. You may use your vehicle to ram someone to gain advantage of a situation but be careful it does not kill them, if an accident happens and you run someone over then RP it out, wait there with them and call for Police or EMS, dont jump on OOC and ask for an admin (applies to both parties)
6.3 Declaring : Required. Giving someone forewarning that they are engaged in hostile RP.
6.3a Decs *must* be by voice or by aiming your gun at another player, not tweet, phone, /ooc, etc. The only exception is for robbery/hostage RP, where you may tweet/phone/anon police etc.
6.3b Being followed by someone while on duty as roadworker or auspost etc, is an act of declaration and you may defend yourself if necessary, use common sense when doing so, a car simply turning up behind you at a set of lights is not an excuse to pop them in the head, you know if your being followed and about to get robbed.


***DECLERATION*** Example: If you are seen using a firearm and/or pointing it at someone you have now just declared on them and/or their crew/group Police may intervene if you have pointed your gun and/or fired shots at another civilian, 
shooting someone's car or property is also classed as a declaration, If you decide you want to return fire be prepared to go to prison unless you have a legitimate for self defense but remember you still should NOT be carrying a firearm. Pointing your gun at someone first means you or your crew/friends CANNOT be the first one that shoots.


7.0 New Life Rule & Revenge Killing (NLR)

7.1 There is NO NLR here. In game you "wake up at hospital" after major trauma and remember what happened to you if you choose.
7.1a NLR *DOES* apply only to hostage RP, Bank Robberies, Jewelry Stores and executions for that scenario only. Neither civs nor police may return to the scene or carry over knowledge of suspects from these incidents if they have died. Exception : Being medically treated/revived by paramedics.
7.2 You may take revenge on people that kill you, but only once, must be declared.
7.3 Decs do not carry over to a new life.
7.4 Admin revives: Admins will not revive just because there is no Police or EMS, if you crash your bike speeding or get shot or beat up by an NPC, you must RP this, Admins will only revive for RDM, VDM or glitch causing death, Admins can see this.

***BODYCAM FOOTAGE*** NLR rule applies to any situation regarding body cams and CANNOT be used after you die, this rule applies for both cops and civs. You die = No bodycam (This mean ANYTIME you die in ANY Situation, Dont want to lose your footage, then dont die)

8.0 Gang Related Rules

8.1 Organisations/Gangs/Groups MUST have a look/uniform, and be in it while doing hostile RP. This will eliminate random civs getting involved in your RP.
8.2 Notify staff of a gangs formation, privately is fine. Whitelisting / prior approval not required to commence.
8.3 City laws contain gang-specific legislation re search powers.
8.4 Emergency services may wait to secure a scene before saving you.
8.5 Staff may suspend any/all gangs for any/all time if RP standards are not being met.
8.6 Gangs can have a maximum of 14 active members, this doesn't mean you have 40 members and 14 of them are on the server, this means 14 members.


9.0 Meta-gaming

Giving OR receiving information that your character should not know in-game is not allowed.

9.1 Example: Using a twitch stream to find and engage the streamer. Stream sniping is a bannable offence, anyone seen doing so just to see yourself on someones stream will be deported to Mexico.
Example : You get taken hostage, taken to a building. 10 mins later, 4 mates bust down the doors because you guided them to you on TS.


10.0 Scamming and Robbery

10.1 You cannot camp job locations and the immediate area, these are not safe zones but if you want to rob someone, dont be lazy by camping where cheques are cashed, do it properly.
10.2 Assets such as real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, etc. cannot be scammed or stolen. Items or money in your car or on your person CAN be stolen.
Example : You can steal a car, but you can't force a player to sell it to you for $0.

11.0 Police Corruption

IS Allowed, Police play an integral part of servers gameplay mechanics and keeping general citizen behavior in line, If you decide you want to be a corrupt cop then do so very carefully as if you are found out in RP you will be fired and possibly see time in jail.

12.0 Selling IC items OOC

Under no circumstances can any player transfer any in-game item or currency to another in exchange for real-world money or any other benefit. Report anyone offering to staff. This also includes transferring website purchases to another player.

Example : "Mate, give me $2 million for a ferrari and I'll gift you a copy of rainbow 6 on steam" is absolutely banned.
Example : "Pay me $5 a month to work at my dealer" is banned. Report them and we might give you the whole dealership instead!


13.0 Business Rules and advertisements/spam

13.1 Businesses may only post to twitter in-game ONCE on the half hour +/- 5 mins, Ie, 9pm, 9:30pm, 10:00pm, etc.
13.2 A business advert channel is present on discord. No posting limits here. It's on businesses to keep this interesting.
13.3 Defamation : You can be charged with defamation of other businesses with a significant in-game financial penalty or removal of posting rights. (Roleplay)
13.4 Only use job abilities in uniform, in character. Example : Mechanics shouldn't hoon around, crashing and repairing their own cars.
13.5 All Businesses are to use provided character loadouts and vehicles at all times when on duty. This includes Mechanics only using tow trucks, No going to jobs in your Ferrari or motorbike.
13.6 Vehicle Repairs: All mechanics that get a call out to do a repair must use the tow truck to pick up the car and take it back to the shop to be repaired, no cars are to be repaired anywhere else except at the mechanics shop, unless vehicle will not go on the tow truck.
13.7 You CANNOT sell your business to anyone in game, if you do not want it anymore then let a staff member know so we can find someone to replace you.

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